Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's Twist: Homemade Butterfinger Bonbons

Tuesday's Twist:  A basic recipe with a fun twist.  In other words, just another excuse for me to play around with weird recipes I've been dying to try.

If I had one word for every one of these I popped in my mouth, that would be a lot of words.

These lasted less than 24 hours, much less.

Once again we find that chocolate and peanut butter can make just about anything better.

I've never been a fan of candy corn.  Mix it with peanuts and it's not too bad (okay, that combo's  actually pretty good), but melt it and mix it with peanut butter and it tastes just like a Butterfinger candy bar.


While the flavor is spot on, the texture is admittedly different.  Where traditional butterfingers are crisp and flaky, these fall on the softer, denser side.

A more characteristic texture can supposedly be achieved by storing these little guys in the fridge (possibly freezer???).  This batch never made it that far.  I mean really, who can make them last that long?  I found another recipe claiming to mimic that crispy flakiness, but it called for boiling syrup to 300 F, a task that will have to wait for a less humid day.

Speaking of weather, it was SNOWING while I took these pictures. It went from super warm and humid on Saturday to snowing on Monday.  I tried to catch a picture, but the huge, fluffy flakes came later while I was obsessing over how to not eat every last one of these.  I have a feeling there will be plenty of opportunity to figure out how exactly to capture snow pictures.

These have the potential to last longer than the first snowflakes, but I wouldn't put much stock in that forecast.  Your mouth might water enough to melt these before they even hit your tongue.

If you're going to eat candy corn, this is definitely the way to do it. . 

Butterfinger Bonbons

1 cup candy corn
2/3 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup chocolate chips
1 tsp coconut oil

* In a microwave-safe bowl** microwave candy corn 30 seconds. Stir and continue microwaving and stirring every 15 seconds until candy corn is melted and smooth. (About 30-45 seconds in an 850 watt microwave.)  Add peanut butter and stir to combine. Microwave in 15 second intervals, stirring after each interval, until mixture is evenly mixed and melted. (About 1 minute in an 850 watt microwave.)
* When cool enough to handle, shape 1 tsp portions of filling into balls, rewarming mixture as needed. Place on waxed paper until hardened.
* In a microwave safe bowl** combine chocolate chips and coconut oil. Microwave 30 seconds; stir. Continue microwaving and stirring every 20 seconds until chips are melted and smooth. Dip balls into chocolate to coat and place on waxed paper. (I found a fork and butter knife to work best, but toothpicks would also do the trick.) If desired, crush 1 to 2 undipped balls and sprinkle over tops. Let stand until chocolate is set up.

**Or use a double boiler for melting, adjusting times as needed.

Food for Thought: "In all our contacts it is probably the sense of being really needed and wanted which gives us the greatest satisfaction and creates the most lasting bond." -Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. How interesting! I wouldn't have thought to use candy corns this way. I love anything with peanut butter, so I'm bound to love these adorable bon bons. Thanks so much!

    1. You're welcome, Vespa! I'm not sure who figured out that peanut butter and candy corn tastes like a butterfinger, but I'm sure glad they did. Enjoy!