Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Friends: SURPRISE

I know I've been lacking on recipes here lately and I was planning to make up for it today. I even made beer chicken for you instead of bread or cookies.  But before I got a chance to write up the post...well, let's just say I was in for a surprise...

I was taking my time getting ready to go to a small group Bible study.  I had a good hour to kill before leaving and my mom kept asking me when I was leaving, where was I going , do I know how to get there, isn't it about time you leave, etc.  All her questions were driving me crazy! Why did she need to know every detail, doesn't she think I know how long it takes to drive across town, I can decide on my own what time to leave and she doesn't need to tell me what to do! I was annoyed and definitely responding like a cranky teenager who doesn't want their parents asking questions.

While killing time before I left, I got a text from a friend saying she had exciting news.  I sent a text back saying I was about to leave for a small group and would call her later in the evening.  She replied that it was about a special friend and I sent a text back saying how curious I was to hear about her news.  With a little more time to kill I checked my email and finally decided to just go even if it meant being awkwardly early. I went upstairs to get my keys and purse but they weren't where I left them.  The lights were off and it was dark from an incoming storm.  All of a sudden I hear a "hello!" from the living room.  I look over and much to my surprise two of my dear friends  from out of state are sitting on my couch!!!!! Ahhhhh, what are you doing here!?!?! How long have you been here?!?!? I'm so excited to see you and can't believe you're actually here!!!!!

Best surprise ever!

They had been sitting there nearly an hour waiting for me to come upstairs.  Oh, so that's why my mom was asking a million questions and telling me it was time to leave.  Oops, now I feel extra bad for being so short with her.  Sorry, mom.  And the friend who texted me, yep she was upstairs when she sent the text trying to figure out how to get me to come up.

Man, oh man was I surprised. I had no idea this was coming :)  Actually, they had just planned it the day before so there wasn't much chance for me to pick up on any hints.  I noticed a few things out of place but my mom gave some nice covers.  "Mom, why is there so much pizza cheese in the fridge?"..."Oh, I just thought we'd make pizza when you brother comes home so I took it out of the freezer earlier."  Sounded good to me, brother + pizza = normal.  Little did I know all the pizza supplies would be used to make supper with two special friends.

After the initial excitement, hugs and talking we started making pizza while listening to a pretty intense storm going on outside.  I was still in disbelief and so excited that it took twice as long to get supper on the table.  I can't even remember the last time all three of us were together at once; there was a lot to catch up on.  Besides that I probably stopped every few sentences to say "Ahhh!!!I can't believe you're here!!!" and "You were really upstairs waiting that long?"

As if their being there wasn't enough,they also brought a hilarious card and gift.
Hope your birthdays's loaded with nice surprises (like us!)

Inside the bag was....

Whoa, I didn't even know Jif made this! Being girls, we immediately got out the spoons and dug in.  I also got out the Cookie Butter (Biscoff) for them to try.  After a few spoonfuls of each we took a break before dessert.  We contemplated a movie but ended up just talking.  It is SO good to sit and talk with friends.  I am truly blessed, (and still can't believe you two were here!!!)

Plenty of girl talk was accompanied by a delicious dessert.  P brought strawberries she and her sister had just picked along with homemade shortcake.  Soooo good! She even cut the shortcake in little hearts, awwww.  We managed to snap a few pictures before digging in. 

We took a few pictures of us too, but those will stay off the blog. (besides, I still think this post fulfills my quota for pictures of me, right?)

They even got to stay the night. Sleepover!!! (you can't tell I'm still excited can you?) The term sleepover is still just as off when you're older. Sleep was somewhat elusive a midst the excitement. Less sleep is replaced by more coffee but the fun factor of sleepovers never changes. For breakfast we made crepes using various combinations of leftover strawberries, cookie butter and the chocolate hazelnut spread, accompanied with lots of talking, of course. 

This was the best surprise ever, THANK YOU!!!!!!!  I can't even express how much of a blessing these two women have been in my life.  The surprise visit was just the cherry strawberry and whipped cream on top. Thanks ladies!!!

Food for thought: "Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.' " - C.S. Lewis


  1. Ooh, you posted the picture I took of the card! I'm a published photographer!

    I'm so glad that we were able to surprise you! We had a blast and I think I had as much fun planning and imagining your surprise as I did being there! Thanks for being an awesome roommate and friend!


    1. I'm still smiling about the whole thing (and will be for quite a while). I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. It is such a blessing to have friends who know what I want/need more than I do. Thanks :)