Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts: Thanks Again

Thursday's Thoughts: a taste of what I'm thinking

It's time for another thankful list.

softly falling snow
fuzzy pajamas
snow shovels
a good book to read
afternoon sunlight streaming in the window
curling up in the sun to read
longer daylight hours
fresh vegetables
warm coats
ice skates
weather mild enough to go for a walk
wool hat knit by a friend
wool socks knit by another friend
dry shoes (as opposed to ones still wet from snow)
comfortable shoes
when you give and realize you've been given more in return
understanding not expressed in words
learning new tricks and tips
fresh opportunity and new possibility
accomplishing a significant item on the to-do list
small victories
finding my favorite tea at a new store for an even lower price
white and purple stripes in the cross-section of a red onion
ice that crackles when stepped on
winter sunshine in open blue skies
freshness of cold winter air
a faithful promise
new ideas
smiling faces
true friends

Food for Thought: "Simplicity is ultimately a matter of focus." -Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

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