Monday, January 21, 2013

Mindful Monday: Continuing Thanks

Mindful Monday: On Monday's I'm going to share what's been on my mind. I by no means have any of this figured out, I'm just thinking out loud here.

I was going pretty strong with my thankful lists and mindset, but somehow I got a little off track over the past few days.  I can't believe how much better my day goes when I am mindful of all I have to be thankful for.  The simple act of pausing to give thanks is so calming and uplifting.  In the spirit of getting back on track, I thought I'd list a few things here again.

thick walls to keep out the icy cold wind
colorful wool socks
hot chocolate
curling up in a sun spot with a good book
working computers
the people who fix or replace broken computers
drifting clouds
a good movie
geese flying in patterns
sleeping in
waking up at that perfectly cozy temperature and feeling rested
patient and understanding family members
familiar handwriting
emails sharing day to day life
old silverware patterns
persistent prayer
opportunity to grow and learn
roasted winter squash
gentle responses
the sparkle of ice crystals on the windshield
stripes and patterns
fingernail moons
the fragrance of freshly peeled citrus fruits
thoughtful actions of a family member

Food for Thought: "The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common." -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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